Top 10 YouTube Channels You Must Subscribe To

Spending more hours watching online videos than TV is becoming a popular hobby for an increasing number of Americans. The number one reason that is pushing people to ditch their TVs for online content is the increasing long advertisement times and static schedules that traditional media run by. With cable, you can't select when or what you want to watch, you have to accommodate your schedule around theirs. If you're one of those who overpays for program recording you might have that option, but even then you're still anchored to the storage capacity of your subscription. About 2 years ago, I ditched my cable company for internet media players like Roku. These devices have a large variety of content to watch from and YouTube is among my favorite ones. Now, I will give you a list of my top 10 YouTube channels, everything from comedy to education.

10. TomoNews

TomoNews YouTube
Their slogan is "Never Watch Boring News Again." And I could not agree more! TomoNews reenact news with Sim-like animations mixed with satire to inform and at the same time entertain their viewers. Unlike the inert and boring format of traditional news channels, TomoNews animates their news to give the viewers a visual perspective of the events. Traditional news are narrated by robotic-like voices that it is sometimes hard to understand what is being covered. TomoNews have different playlists, one of my favorite ones is the "You Idiot!" playlist. This playlist is full of videos covering the stupidity of a few individuals that made their way to national news headlines for their stupid actions. Watching the animations being narrated with a comedy touch makes it hard to keep your eyes off the screen. Here's an example of one of their videos covering the iPhone 6 Plus defect of bending under pressure (#BendGate), keep an eye for every detail they include in their animations. It's pretty funny!

9. Nigahiga

Nigahiga YouTube Channel
Nigahiga has been around since the early days of YouTube. He has created countless number of videos and has made appearances in many events such as Teen's Choice. At one point, he was the most subscribed person YouTube. Some of his most popular videos are; Nice Guys, How to be Ninja, The iPod Human and How to be ganster. His videos have acquired a loyal audience that are constantly tuned in to his videos and support him. There must be a reason why at some point he was the most subscribed person YouTube. His videos are a mix of satire with skits that portray him playing different roles and quoting different movies as well as popular celebrities. Every so often, he creates a parody of a popular movie trailer. He takes advantage of his ability to recognize patterns in trailers and turn them into funny things we can all relate to. Regardless of what sort of comedy you're into, Nigahiga is always a good channel to watch. Here is a parody trailer he published on the movie "Lucy." Make sure you watch the original trailer.

8. VSauce

VSauce YouTube Videos
The YouTube channel VSauce is an educational channel in which Michael, the creator of VSauce, explains different philosophical or scientific topics that not many of us are familiar with. Michael has an incredible ability at communicating complex topics and ideas so anyone with little to no background knowledge can understand his videos. In his videos, he connects things we see in our everyday lives to the topic he's covering in the video. His videos feed the inner curiosity in all of us and makes you want to learn and question more about the world around us. Some of his most popular videos include; What if everyone JUMPED at once?, This is NOT Yellow, Why do we kiss? Don't feel guilty if you spend long hours watching his videos, I'm sure most people that know about his YouTube channel do that every now and then. Here's a video answering the question of "What if the Earth Stopped Spinning?"

7. MinutePhysics

Minute Physics Youtube Videos
MinutePhysics is a popular YouTube channel among the educational channels. The main creator of this channel is Henry, and he focuses his videos on important topics of physics and mathematics. Henry explains the topic he's covering in his video through little stick figure animations that make it easy for the viewer to follow along. Just like Michael, Henry has a great ability to communicate complex topics so anyone can understand. His videos sparks people's interest in math and physics, his channel has managed to reach over 2 million subscribers. Henry has started to include interesting scientific topics in his videos but still talks about the physical and mathematical part behind them. Some of his popular videos include; Is it better to walk or run in the rain?. What if the Earth were Hollow? Common Physics Misconceptions. Here's one of his most popular videos.

6. PatrickJMT

PatrickJMT Math tutoring
For anyone who can relate to the struggle


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