My New Personal Fitness Goal

Fitness Goal

Hello guys, for this weekly post I have decided to write about my new personal fitness goal. During my first two years at UConn, I gained about 21 pounds (lb). Currently, as of this post, I weigh 166.3 pounds (lb) or 75.4 kg kilos. I partially blame the lack of time to perform any major physical activities and also the stress. I am not sure if it has been scientifically proven but I believe that stress can have negative effects on one's health. I probably could've made room for an hour or two to work out but it was the least of my worries. Now that I am fully in control of my work and study hours, I can finally commit to having a routine that includes fitness activities.

Everyone knows that if you want to start a new routine, especially a fitness routine, your key to success is discipline. I feel pretty confident about my new goal and I believe documenting my journey will help me remain on track. I also want to inspire and prove my readers that starring a new routine, regardless of which, is completely possible if you have the necessary will to achieve it.

My Reasons:

  1. Health, top on my list. I believe strongly in preventative medicine, your body is a wonderful product of evolution. The countless chemical processes that take place every second in your body are happening to keep you alive. Becoming more active will positively impact my health and especially for my type of career which involves a lot of sitting and starting at a screen.
  2. Beach Body, I have to be honest, having a beach body was also a major factor for deciding to take this journey. I've always been slim, but I have passively always wanted to have a physical body that is appealing to the eye. I believe having a nice body will help me influence people to dive into a healthier life style, and stick to it.
  3. Discipline, something so simple yet so hard to achieve. Many people that start a new fitness routine quit within a week or so. I want to prove this wrong. Like I said before, I want to influence my readers in a positive way and show you guys that anything (within the laws of physics of course :) is possible. I will accompany this post with another one describing in detail any obstacles or challenges I might face and how to overcome them. I will also include tips or anything useful that I will learn to help you stick to a new routine regardless of the goal.

A Slightly New Diet:

My diet will consist of high protein intake to build up on my muscles. Since I also plan on loosing weight, I will increase my fiber intake so remain full throughout the morning until lunch time. My lunch will consist of high protein foods with little to no cholesterol or saturated fats. For my dinner, I will have a full meal of Soylent 1.5. To give you guys a little background on Soylent. About a week ago, I started a new diet that included Soylent 1.5 for dinner, to learn more about what Soylent 1.5 is, read my Soylent post Click Here. In short, Soylent is a meal replacement that has everything your body needs in a meal. Their one meal sitting has a total calorie count of 500, and they are very easy to prepare. It is also high on protein and has many vitamins your body needs. So far this will be my diet, but I've been reading a fitness book with lots of information on nutrition, and as I educate myself more, I expect to improve my diet and inform you guys on it.

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