Anonymous: ISIS Trolling Day #Daeshbags

So two days ago, Anonymous announced trolling day for ISIS. They wanted people to use the #Daeshbags hashtag across all social media with the aim to piss them off. Anonymous wanted people to come up with memes or images mocking ISIS. Apparently, ISIS are not big fans of the term Daesh and have threaten to cut out the tongue of anyone who dares to use the term. According to the, Daesh is an acronym for the Arabic phrase al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). Depending on how it is conjugated, the term has a completely different meaning. Evan Kohlmann, a national security analyst and contributor to NBC news describes it as a "derogatory term and not something people should use even if you dislike them." Pardon me Mr Kohlman but here in the western world, we value individual liberties such as freedom of speech more than anything else. It is these liberties that pushed us out of the dark ages into the age of enlightenment. While these daeshbags go around censoring anything that offends them, people will be mocking them, including me.

Feel free to go on Twitter and check out more hilarious memes and mockery images of ISIS. Click Here to view more.

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