Website Performance and Speed Achieved!

PageInsights Google Fast Website

So in my previous post regarding this site, I mentioned that I was going to spend a few days working on improving the user friendliness and performance of this website. Turns out it actually took me more than a couple of days, but I am confident on what I have achieved so far. I greatly decreased the loading time of the website by eliminating unnecessary files and optimizing the coding. I also sharpened up my CSS skills in the process. I included a poll at the bottom of the website where you guys can vote the speediness of the website. I used the very useful tool, PageInsights by Google, to improve the speediness on both, mobile and desktop version of the site. I managed to get a 95/100 score in Speed and 100/100 on user friendliness. You guys can leave any feedback or ideas on how I can further improve the website down in the comments below.

Note: I've been going over some CSS3 Layout courses and I expect to further improve the user friendliness of the website

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