How I Paid 0.79 Cents For a Gallon of Milk

CVS Discount Coupons - Gallon of Milk

Milk is tax exempt in every state across the United States. That's because milk is very nutritious with tons of protein and fat necessary for growth. So when I ended paying 0.79 cents for a gallon of milk at CVS, I was blown away. Because most CVS stores are 24/7 (always open), I often go there to buy milk and other things that I need when all stores are closed. I grew tired of the clerk at my local CVS asking if I had a CVS card, so I ended signing up for one. Well, thank goodness I did. Almost on every receipt, you get one of those "Extracare Cash Rewards" that I saw no point in using. I didn't want to carry around receipts just to get a small discount. So one day I decided to cut out the part that showed the cash reward and barcode from every receipt I got, and store them in my wallet. Coming home from the GYM 2 days ago, I remembered that I needed milk for breakfast so I went to CVS and decided to give those "extracare cash rewards" a try. I pulled them out of my wallet and showed them to the clerk. He effortlessly scanned them and updated the price on the cashier display screen. In my mind, I was thinking how I was never going to shop anywhere else but at CVS. However, that's precisely how these cash rewards work. Stores love loyal customers more than actual sales because it takes uncertainty out the profits equation. I'm sure if you do some item price comparisons between CVS and other convenient stores, you will notice CVS tends to charge more for certain items. Of course, the fact that most of their stores are open 24/7 definitely impact their item pricing. Nevertheless, I want people to outsmart this type of clever marketing. You can certainly save a lot if you use these discounts efficiently. For exmaple:

  • Don't shop just to shop.
  • Don't shop more than necessary just because you are getting a "discount."
  • Don't be loyal to any store, take advantage of the market, use market competition to your advantage.
  • Check the expiration date on discounted items.

If you follow the above tips, you will be able to actually save money on discount promotions and offers without falling victim to what I call, "brand patriotism." I am a big believer in a free, competitive market because it always aims to benefit the consumer. Just for the record, I am in no way bashing CVS, I use their services and take advantage of the fruits of the competitive market that pushed CVS into offering these "extracare cash rewards." I just want people to be aware of this so that as consumers we keep the market competitive. Just imagine what it would be like if we all buy at the same store, same brands just for the discounts and item prices. I mean, we sort of already have that, it's called Walmart. It simply ruins competition and service quality on the long run. Tell me what you think below.

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